Jacqueline Metheny

Graduate Student
M.S. Research: Root rot of ginsengA dark haired woman pictured from the shoulders up i front of a light background.

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164 Plant Biology Lab
(517) 355-4576

  • B.S., Crop and Soil Science, Michigan State University

Ginseng is grown in many places including Korea, China, and the United States.  In America Michigan and Wisconsin are the top ginseng growing states. Ginseng is a root crop, and its quality is majorly affected by root rot. One of the most destructive root rot pathogens of ginseng is Cylindrocarpon destructans which has been reclassified into four Ilyonectria species. Only one of these species causes the root rot: I. mors-panacis. I enjoy working on genetics and I have interest in looking for resistance to the root rot.