Sunil Shrestha

Graduate Student
M.S. Research: Botrytis blight on greenhouse ornamentals

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164 Plant Biology Lab

  • B.Ssc., Agriculture, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Floricultural industry is an increasingly important agricultural enterprise in the U.S. with the annual revenue collection of around $5 billion. Michigan is among the top three highest producers of floricultural crops in US with annual revenue of $467 million and is largest producer of geranium and petunias, the two important crops for floricultural industry. The greenhouse grown ornamentals are under constant threat of various diseases. Among them, Botrytis blight caused by Botrytis cinerea; an air borne necrotrophic fungus is one of the most destructive disease of greenhouse grown crops including geranium and petunia. Effective management of Botrytis in greenhouse requires integrated approach including cultural, biological and chemical practices. Excessive use of chemical fungicides has resulted in increasing development of resistant to most of the fungicides which warrant investigations for alternative control methods. My research focused on exploring the resistance level of geranium and petunia crops by screening various cultivars against B. cinerea and evaluating the efficacy of commercially available different biocontrol products for the management of Botrytis in the greenhouse conditions. Identification of cultivars resistant to B. cinerea coupled with biocontrol products could help greenhouse growers to protect their plants against Botrytis blight.

Sunil’s Publications

Shrestha, S., Engfehr, C.L. and Hausbeck, M.K.  2020.  Evaluation of bactericides applied to seedlings and plants in the field for control of bacterial spot of tomato, 2019.  Plant Disease Management Reports.  PDMR 14:V161.

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